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What’s next for James Franco and Danny Boyle?


FILM-TORONTO/With Danny Boyle’s new film “127 Hours” already garnering early buzz at the Toronto International Film Festival, what’s next for the Oscar-winning director and his prolific and busy star, James Franco?

Franco, who strolled into an interview on Sunday with photocopied pages of course reading material on early film history (he started a Ph.D program at Yale University this fall in English and film studies), told Reuters he will be directing a new project: “I’m developing something with Fox Searchlight, which will probably be shot next summer.”

Franco’s packed calendar of upcoming releases include “Howl” (playing poet Allen Ginsberg) and “Saturday Night”, a behind-the-scenes documentary on “Saturday Night Live”, which was picked up by Oscilloscope Laboratories recently.

The documentary began as a class project that evolved into a full-length feature when Franco was given unprecedented access to the long-running NBC sketch comedy. But NBC wasn’t keen on a theatrical release at first, however.