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Don’t call me an airbrush, fumes Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet is not happy. A day after telling “Vanity Fair” magazine that she still feels like the “fat kid,” the British actress has attacked suggestions in the British press that her body was airbrushed to improve her physique for a glamorous front cover shot for the magazine. Her rep told People magazine that “Kate is furious at suggestions that her body has been airbrushed.” She said the only tweaks were the usual adjustments in glamour shots for skin shades.

“She is in terrific shape and what you see is how she looks or she would never have agreed to pose for those shots,” her rep told People magazine.

Why such a fuss? The 33-year-old actress and mother-of-two has been outspoken about her refusal to lose weight to conform the Hollywood ideal and ignored the British media following her weight fluctuations over the years. In early 2003 Britain’s GQ magazine had to apologise after running some digitally slimmed down pictures of Winslet to which she had not given her consent. At the time Winselt said she did not want people to think she was a hypocrite.