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It’s hard being a vampire in a recession — especially at TIFF



(reporting and writing by Cameron French)

Tough economic times appear to have hit the Toronto Intertnational Film Festival (TIFF) right where it hurts — in the liver.

At a premiere party for the rock ‘n roll themed vampire flick “Suck” late Friday night, attendees were surprised to to find that organizers did not provide an open bar. Rather, they doled out two drink tickets per person. It’s got to be hard for a vampire to live on only two Bloody Marys?

Now, it’s not completely unheard of to hand out drink tickets at a premiere party, but it is unusual. And you hear about all these glitzy movie parties at TIFF, and then you go and find they’re giving out drink tickets…so much for Hollywood-style conspicuous consumption. 

It’s unclear whether the rock legends who appear in the comedy film — including Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper — received the same treatment. But the film shouldn’t be too hard up for cash. It has been eagerly anticipated by critics here and this week managed to sell its Canadian distibution rights to Alliance films.

Iggy Pop, Ronnie Wood to play at booze-free L.A. event


iggy7Punk rock icon Iggy Pop and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, no strangers to drug and alcohol abuse, will perform at a fundraiser in Los Angeles next month for musicians struggling with their addictions.

Pop, who turns 62 later this month, will be a “special guest” at the fifth annual MusiCares MAP Fund dinner/concert at Club Nokia May 8.