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Pick a favorite Indiana Jones scene.


ford1.jpgAs whip-wielding adventurer Indiana Jones  storms back into movie theaters after a 19-year hiatus in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, fans of the intrepid archaeologist played by Harrison Ford were asked in a survey by Blockbuster video to name their favorite scenes from his previous three movies. These came out tops:

1. Running from the Boulder (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”) — 75%.  An overwhelming three out of four surveyed chose this scene with Indiana Jones running from a boulder in a booby-trapped temple as essential Indy material.

2. ”Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?” (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”) — 61%.  This is Indiana’s first on-screen encounter with the snakes he dreads as he descends into the snake-infested Well of Souls.

3.  Shooting the Swordsman (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”) — 40%.  Indy surprises a sword-wielding enemy with his gun in this comic scene.