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Fall? What fall? J.Lo says the day after AMAs


lopezJennifer Lopez is laughing off her fall at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

“Did I trip a little bit? I don’t even remember,” the “Jenny from the Block” singer said on Monday morning to Ryan Seacrest on his Los Angeles radio show.

Lopez was laughing when she said that, and she followed it up with a joke — at least we at Fan Fare are taking it as a joke.

“Yeah I meant to do that,” she told Seacrest. “What are you talking about? You should know me better than that, that was part of the choreography.”

Carrie Prejean calls sex video a solo “mistake”


Beauty queen Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California who became the darling of conservatives when she spoke out against gay marriage at this year’s Miss USA pageant, has another work getting her plenty of attention. No, it’s not her memoir, the defiantly titled “Still Standing,” that has people talking. It’s a sex tape that few have seen, but that plenty of people are jabbering about.carrie-prejean1

On Tuesday, Prejean herself went on television news shows and talked about the sex tape. In this interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Prejean defended herself and said that “nothing is private anymore.”

CNN’s Larry King offers Chris Brown a lollipop


larry-kingMidway through Larry King’s interview with singer Chris Brown that aired this week on CNN, the “Suspendered One” asked Brown what he and pop star Rihanna actually fought about. It was as King was trying to get the 20 year-old singer to finally open up about the night in February, when Brown attacked his then girlfriend Rihanna while in Los Angeles, leaving her bruised and bloodied.

Brown refused to talk about the incident, and much has been made of that in media reports about KIng’s interview with Brown. But one exchange has received scant mention, and it’s a zinger from King directed at Brown. The 75 year-old King was asking his much younger interviewee what, at their young age, he and Rihanna might fight about that could lead to such a violent result, and he gave a sardonic example.