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from UK News:

Is Susan Boyle a dead cert for Saturday?

She's odds-on favourite to win Saturday's final of "Britain's Got Talent," she's become an overnight international star and now she's started out on the trail to tabloid sainthood by acquiring her own headline moniker "SuBo."

But not everyone thinks Susan Boyle is a dead cert for the title. Singer Lily Allen for one thinks she's over-rated. "I thought her timing was off, no control, and I don't think she has an amazing voice," Allen said of Boyle's rendition on Sunday of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Memory" from the Cats musical.

Maybe there's a touch of over-exposure creeping in. Could the fable of the unlikely lass dragged away from West Lothian and thrust via the Internet into the world spotlight be starting to wear a little thin?

The competition is hot too. Dance acts Diversity and Flawless, singers Shaun Smith and Shaheen Jafargholi and even the Greek father and son combo Stavros Flatley have proved mighty popular with the phone-in viewers who have the ultimate say.