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Perez Hilton tries to clip Angel’s wings


Former “Charlie’s Angels” star Jaclyn Smith did not shoot herself in Honduras, despite gossip columnist Perez Hilton’s claim to the contrary on Tuesday.

jaclyn1Hilton created an international incident after he sent out a Twitter message: “OMG! Jaclyn Smith suicide attempt! Tragic news! She’s in critical condition! Details coming ASAP!” 
His source was a Honduran newspaper that later appeared to correct its initial report to say that rather than Smith, the victim was a woman who played her stunt double.
Smith quickly took to Facebook and Twitter to calm the masses: “Jaclyn is safe and home with her family. She is not in Honduras. It is a lie.”
Hilton, who once reported that Fidel Castro had died, took a lot of heat on Twitter, with the word “douche” cropping up frequently.