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“The Hills”: Can’t we all get along? “90210″ women can.


audrina.jpgWith Monday’s premiere titled “We’ll Never Be Friends,” it was clear that the fourth-and possibly final-season of MTV’s “The Hills” would not disappoint in the drama department. When we left off with the girls, the roommate situation with Lauren, Audrina and Lo was on thin ice. Last season’s final episode ended with Audrina telling a tear-jerked Lauren about how Lo had come between their friendship, and Monday’s season premiere ended much like that last episode.

Lo ditched Audrina’s birthday party to play with a puppy, and Audrina was lauren.jpgunderstandably mad. When Lo tried to smooth things over, Audrina would have none of it,  finally telling Lo: “We’ll never be friends!”

So what’s Lauren to do now?  Between her new love interest Doug and job at fashion PR firm People’s Revolution, she was left to question how to navigate a torn home life where her two best friends and roommates hate each other.  Will Audrina move out and join Heidi among Lauren’s spurned best friends?

It all brings to mind another pair of dueling young women jennie.jpgon 1990s hit TV show “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Jennie Garth, 36, and Shannen Doherty, 37, who portrayed, Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh, respectively. Back then, Garth and Doherty engaged in cat fights on set and competed for celebrity magazine headlines off set.