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Cameron out, “13″ in? Quick. Someone call a doctor for “House”!


jennifer-morrison She broke Chase’s heart and even her manipulative boss House seemed moved — for a second, anyway — when Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) walked away from both the diagnostics team and from Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in Monday’s broadcast of the medical drama “House”.******Cameron’s presumed departure — although you never can tell with “House” — comes just a few weeks after she and on-screen husband Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) made their long-hoped-for return to the central cast of the show after being sidelined for a couple of seasons to the  bowels of the fictional hospital.******Viewers seemed to welcome more screen time for the blond duo (who were once engaged in real life) . “House” is getting a hefty 16.6 million viewers on average per episode this season — a 17 percent increase on the same time last year, according to Nielsen ratings figures.******So is this just another smart plot twist or is it really good-bye for Dr. Cameron?******Turns out that the actress is not even sure herself.  “I don’t think anyone really knows…they’re always just a couple of episodes ahead, and [executive producer]  David Shore has always been very true to the writing of the characters and what he believes them to be,” Jennifer Morrison told  reporters at a Hollywood event on Monday.13******”I’m still a series regular, technically. I really don’t know. All I know is that I don’t know. And they keep making it very clear to me that I don’t know,” Morrison added.******Meanwhile, “13″ (Olivia Wilde) and Taub are back on House’s team, as are  Chase and Foreman.******But what’s Chase without Cameron?  And can “13″ ever take Cameron’s place?  And what can the show’s producers be thinking of?