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Truth or fiction?


Tiff-truthorfictionSometimes that line between truth and fiction is so blurry it’s hard to tell it’s there. First there was the JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater, who stormed off his job (and left down the emergency chute) after an altercation with a grumpy passenger — a true story so odd that it almost had to be fiction.

And now there’s movie flight attendant who storms off her job (and leaves down the emergency stairs) after an altercation with the demons in her own mind — a fictional movie story so odd that it almost had to be based on Steven Slater’s true story.

The storm-off-the-plane scene is one of the best moments in that particular movie, “At Ellen’s Age” which is about a Lufthansa flight attendant called Ellen who flips out after her boyfriend tells her he’s had an affair and goes off to reinvent herself as an animal rights activist.

Both the fictional Ellen and the real-life Slater lose their jobs after their dramatic exits from their planes, and Slater is reportedly looking for a movie gig.