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“Iron Man”: anti-war or pro-war?


iron-man-3.jpgWith “Iron Man” out wide in theaters — and out in a huge, $101 million opening box office way — it’s time to reflect around the water cooler on what the movie means and what, if anything, its makers were trying to say.

The war question: Is ”Iron Man” anti-war? Does Tony Stark (aka comic book superhero Iron Man, played by Robert Downey, Jr.) create his suit of hi-tech armor to stop a military arms maker run amok and tame an evil-doer?

Or, is it pro-war? Does Stark create a new weapon that will undoubtedly be used by the military arms maker he created to build even more lethal high-tech weaponry?

“I’ve heard it’s pro-war and that it’s anti-war, which means that I did my job,” director Jon Favreau told Reuters in a pre-release interview.

Jon Favreau on “Iron Man”: not indie, but still edgy


favreau.jpgDirector Jon Favreau, whose new movie “Iron Man” debuts in theaters this week as the first big-budget Hollywood movie of the summer season, has long championed low-budget and independent filmmaking. His career took off as an actor and writer of 1996 indie movie “Swingers.”

Indie movies generally are low-budget films confined to art houses. They are known for being “edgy,” which is another way of saying they push boundaries in terms of subject matter and creativity. “Iron Man,” starring Robert Downey, Jr.,  is anything but low-budget and indie. It was produced by Marvel Studios and is being distributed by major studio Paramountfavreau2.jpg Pictures.