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Madonna reunites Justin, Britney but Obama gets big roar


 So the rumors of a Madonna-orchestrated Britney and Justin reunion were true… kinda.  The former teen sweethearts both performed with the Material Girl during her Thursday night concert in L.A.’s Dodger Stadium, but not together.

In fact, there was at least an hour between their respective appearances, so it’s anybody’s guess whether they even ran into each other backstage.

Brit was first to emerge, joining Madonna early in the night to sing the the last few bars of “Human Nature.” The two women embraced at the end of the performance to wild screams from the crowd, at which point Britney promptly marched offstage. Truth be told, Britney’s performance was so short that if you had blinked you might have missed it.

JT, on the other hand, at least hung out for an entire song. He joined Madonna for “4 Minutes,” a song from her latest album that he co-wrote and produced.

Britney, Justin to perform with Madonna?


Britney Spears and former teen sweetheart Justin Timberlake are apparently headed for a very public reunion — at the Madonna concert in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Los Angeles radio DJ Ryan Seacrest, who seems to know everyone in Hollywood, told listeners on his show that Britney and Justin are “going to be onstage performing with Madonna at some point”.