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Reverse sexism strikes Black Crowes rocker


Here’s a warning to rock stars who hook up with hot, young actresses: Your stellar career immediately becomes irrelevant in the hyper-competitive world of gossip magazines. 

crowesTo wit, Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, who has sold millions of records during a two-decade career. But thanks to a six-year marriage to a Hollywood starlet, he is merely “Kate Hudson’s ex” in the eyes of US Weekly.

The magazine described the 42-year-old rocker thusly on Tuesday, in an announcement that he was expecting a baby. Strictly speaking, his girlfriend, Allison Bridges, will be doing the pushing in early 2010.

Robinson and Hudson, his second wife, were married for six years until 2006. They have a 5-year-old son, Ryder. Since the divorce, the Black Crowes have released four albums, including the brand-new “Before the Frost.”

Owen Wilson put to the test


owen3.jpgOwen Wilson’s popularity gets put to the test this weekend when his new movie, comedy ”Drillbit Taylor,” lands in theaters. Aimed at a young audience, Wilson portrays a cheap bodyguard hired by three young boys to protect them from a schoolyard bully.

“Drillbit” is the first movie to open in which Wilson, 39, has been the leading star since he was hospitalized in Los Angeles in August last year when it was widely reported that he had tried to commit suicide. Only his closest friends and family know exactly what happened because Wilson has avoided the media since then. During his hospitalization, his publicist released a statement from him in which he asked for time to “heal in private,” but the statement said little else.