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Katherine Heigl reveals all … almost


It was a night of big revelations for “Knocked Up” star Katherine Heigl on Thursday.heiglbrunette

First the natural  blonde actress debuted her new  look — as a brunette.

Then she showed off more  than she planned when the strap of her low-cut red dress broke off  as she was accepting an award as female star of the year at the ShoWest movie theater owners convention awards in Las Vegas.

And later she explained why she had colored her blonde tresses almost black. It’s all for a new movie role as  detective Stephanie Plum, the hero of Janet Evanovich’s best-selling novel s.

Katherine Heigl adopting a special needs baby from Korea


“Grey’s Anatomy” star Katherine Heigl is joining the ranks of celebrity moms Madonna and Angelina Jolie by adopting a baby from outside the United States.katherine-heigl1

Heigl told TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres in an interview to air on Friday that she planned to adopt even before she married singer Josh Kelley, and that her family has a history of adoption, because her own sister is of Korean descent and adopted.

Heigl vs. Apatow at box offices, amid snipes


If their comments on Thursday to radio host Howard Stern are any indication, it looks like writer/director/producer Judd Apatow  and his protege Seth Rogen  are still sore over a comment Katherine Heigl  made about their 2007 movie “Knocked Up .” Heigl has said the movie, which she starred-in opposite Rogen, was a “little sexist” because it made women look like “shrews” and men seem “lovajudd-apatowble.”

The comment has generated controversy ever since she made it in 2007, with some praising Heigl for taking a feminist stand, and others accusing her of being ungrateful.