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Shirts optional for Top 6 on SYTYCD


RyanKathrynSamba091213-0112The shirts came off as the top 6 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance performed for votes for the last time before Wednesday’s finale.

Ryan Di Lello led the topless trend, showing up in two of three numbers without a shirt. He tossed on a flimsy top for his third number, but left it open, prompting judge Nigel Lythgoe to say, “I’m pleased you found a shirt, you just need to find the buttons.”

Shirt jokes aside, Ryan was just one of the six extremely talented dancers who left it all out on the floor in a final bid for votes before America chooses its next favorite dancer.

Kathryn McCormick was perhaps the stand-out performer of the evening, with at least one judge proclaiming that the show should be renamed “the rise of Kathryn.” Her gentle contemporary routine with Jakob Karr was called a “game changer” by judge Adam Shankman, who added, “you humbled me.”

“Black Wednesday” on SYTYCD sends Nathan & Noelle home

- nathankathrynrumba091130-0915The judges on So You Think You Can Dance seemed happy to finally relinquish control to viewers in this week’s top 10, with those same viewers voting to send contemporary dancers Nathan Trasoras and Noelle Marsh packing.

With a strong and diverse crop of male dancers — a ballroom dancer, a krumper, a b-boy and two contemporary dancers — vying for the crown, Nathan’s ouster was not a big surprise despite some good performances, particularly after a rough couple of weeks languishing in the bottom.

“You are against tough guys and in a competition that people are voting for who they love — it’s not just about dancing. You’re on a brilliant road at the moment,” said judge Nigel Lythgoe.