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“Knight and Day” reviews, just like night and day


CruisePerhaps it is the perfect title for a film. “Knight and Day,” the new action adventure movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, hit movie theater screens on Wednesday to mixed reviews, with some critics loving it, some hating it. On, which aggregates reviews and scores films, “Knight and Day” received a 53 percent positive rating with 54 of 101 reviews liking the film and 47 finding it not to their favor.

Writing in The New York Times, veteran critic A.O. Scott says “Knight and Day” “consists of one over-the-top, overblown blowup session after another — not one showing a scrap of wit — arranged in unvarying, hysterical rhythm.” Another long-time reviewer, Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times, says: “It’s hardly a perfect film, not even close, but it is the most entertaining, made-for-adults studio movie of the summer, and one of the reasons it works at all is the great skill and commitment Cruise brings.”

For Cruise, the mixed-to-positive reviews like Turan’s must come as good news. Cruise has been on something of a damage control adventure in his career since jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s TV couch in 2005, proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes and later talking up the merits of his Scientology beliefs in combative TV interviews. His movies, such as “Lions for Lambs” and “Valkyrie” have stumbled at box offices, and “Knight and Day” was hyped in the media as Cruise returning to what he does best — action.

So, it appears that for some, Cruise has returned to old form. For others, he still has a tough time picking a good script.  But what about for you, Fan Fare readers. Tom Cruise: love him or leave him?