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Katherine Heigl adopting a special needs baby from Korea


“Grey’s Anatomy” star Katherine Heigl is joining the ranks of celebrity moms Madonna and Angelina Jolie by adopting a baby from outside the United States.katherine-heigl1

Heigl told TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres in an interview to air on Friday that she planned to adopt even before she married singer Josh Kelley, and that her family has a history of adoption, because her own sister is of Korean descent and adopted.

The baby girl will turn 1 year-old in November, and as it happens her birthday comes one day before Heigl’s own birthday. Jokingly, Heigl told DeGeneres that at first she thought that was a sign, but later realized she “basically forfeited” her birthday for the rest of her life.

Heigl also said that she has not seen the baby in person because she is still in Korea, but that the girl has special needs.