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Nick Mitchell goes Gentle into the “Idol” night


ai_group“American Idol” contestant Nick Mitchell was eliminated from the show on Thursday night, as his brand of campy comedy left voters unamused. His stage name of Norman Gentle and his intentionally overwrought performance, unlike anything the show has ever seen (perhaps not in a good way), lost out to the kinds of straight-ahead performances contestants give every week.

Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert advanced to the next round of the competition, cutting out the other nine contestants. Eventually, some of those contestants could be back when the judges pick three wildcard contestants on Thursday, giving them another shot on the show.

But Mitchell is probably not the most likely candidate to get a second chance from the judges, as alpha judge Simon Cowell expressed considerable displeasure with the comedian’s performance.

Did the show’s voters do right in eliminating Mitchell? His performance style was unorthodox and his voice was unmistakably average. But was his comedy style truly unwatchable?