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Marilyn Monroe wins new praise — for selling fishing tackle


marilyn.jpgHollywood legend Marilyn Monroe has been praised for many things over the years but here’s a first — the impact she had on the fishing tackle industry. Finland’s Rapala Group, which makes and sells fishing tackle, has inducted Monroe into its hall of fame as one of the influential people who assisted the company in its business.

The connection? The August 1962 issue of Life magazine bore a picture of the actress on its cover and carried a history of her life — with the same magazine carrying an article titled “A Lure Fish Can’t Pass Up” showcasing Lauri Rapala’s original floating fishing lure. This edition broke all circulation records.

“The article about Rapala lures in the 1962 issue of Life magazine created an unforeseeable chain of events for our company,” said Tom Mackin, president of Rapala USA, in a statement. “Marilyn Monroe’s presence in that issue should definitely be credited for dramatically launching the Rapala brand.”

He said the small, two-person U.S. company felt the impact of the article immediately and in no time had orders for three million lures. The thanks may be a bit late coming but add it to Monroes list of achievements.