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Former bands of the world, reunite!


PEOPLE-JACKSON/spandauSpandau Ballet have added their name to the ever-lengthening list of disbanded bands announcing they are banding together once more. Like their music or loathe it, who can blame the quintet famous for 1980s quiffs from jumping on the reunion bandwagon? Some people believe reforming groups should be banned outright, but most, it seems, are welcoming them back with open arms and, more to the point, open wallets.

What I want to know is when our appetite for Bands Reunited will finally be satisfied? Take That have stormed the British charts since reforming, Michael Jackson has sold out no less than 50 concerts in London as he attempts his long-awaited comeback and The Police made a mint from their world tour of 2007 and 2008. Even Blur are getting back together later this year. After a string of success stories, is someone heading for a flop?

There are acts who refuse to go down the reunion route. Led Zeppelin played a one-off charity gig but former frontman Robert Plant has ruled out a more permanent return to the stage, and David Byrne formerly of Talking Heads has been quoted as rejecting a revival. “I don’t need the money badly enough,” he said.

Led Zeppelin tour dead for now — Jimmy Page


page.jpgLed Zeppelin fans praying for good news on a rumored reunion tour would not have been encouraged by guitarist Jimmy Page at a Toronto film festival press conference where he was promoting the documentary film “It Might Get Loud”.

The film, a love letter to the electric guitar, features Page, U2 guitarist The Edge, and White Stripes frontman Jack White discussing their musical backgrounds and jamming with each other on a soundstage.