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Mariah Carey calls film work “exhausting, exhilarating”


mariahShe’s better known as a pop singer and her work in the movie “Glitter” didn’t earn her much respect as an actress, but her next film, “Precious,” will likely do a lot to change perceptions of Mariah Carey.

The pop diva appeared in front of reporters alongside her co-stars in the gritty, urban drama here at Cannes on Friday after a smashing debut at last January’s Sundance Film Festival. (Read about that here) In the film, she portrays a welfare case worker to a young, overweight teenager, Precious, whose life in the ghetto is hard.

To perform in the part, the glamorous Carey stripped down to her basic self and was required to wear no makeup except that which gave her dark circles under her eyes and made her look weary and worn. Yet Carey said it was among the best work she could have imagined.

“Doing it…was exhausting, exhilarating and it was just an honor,” Mariah told reporters at Cannes.