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Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson dating — that’s news?


rtx6f7z.jpgAs if anyone who reads celebrity gossip pages and magazines didn’t know already, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are dating. … big duh.

We’ve been reading with a lot of amusement the headlines that “confirm” Lohan and gal pal Ronson are an item. Lohan was being interviewed on the syndicated radio program “Loveline” Monday night when the DJ asked the “Mean Girls” actress: “You guys, you and Samantha, have been going out for how long now?” Lindsay laughed, and Stryker continued: ”Like, two years, one year, five months, two months?

“A very long time,” Lindsay answered. 

Headlines popped around the globe exclaiming that finally, FINALLY, this little snippet confirms that Lohan and Ronson are the real deal — girlfriends who truly are BFFs. In West Hollywood, they call them “Celesbians.”

But did it really need to be confirmed? For months, the pair have been hanging out together and been photographed in public, and only two weeks ago Lindsay lashed out in her own blog against Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin asking, “Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight…”

Lindsay Lohan labels Sarah Palin a “homophobe”


lohan.jpgAfter pop star Pink’s rant last week against Sarah Palin, Lindsay Lohan declares she can no longer keep biting her tongue when it comes to the most talked-about woman in American politics.

“Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe? “, asks Lohan, 22, in her MySpace blog.

Rings, tattoos fuel gay marriage talk for Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan has been getting up close and personal with DJ Samantha Ronson this year, but is marriage to her gal pal really in the cards?lindsay.jpg

Figuring that out is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle of picture clues, hearsay, and the occasional cryptic comment from the “Mean Girls” actress herself.

NY Fashion Week campaigns for style, Lohan shows support


ronson1.jpg As the Nov. 4 U.S. presidential election draws near, New York’s Fashion Week has launched its own campaign — for style.

The entrance to the tents at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, where designers are showing their spring/summer 2009 collections, are painted with large campaign-like badges that read “Declare your Style,” “Fashion = Change,” “Vote Fashion, “Super Model Delegate,” and “Accessorize for Democracy.”

Lindsay Lohan weighs in on Palin, teen pregnancy


lindsay1.jpgLindsay Lohan, 22, certainly spent her teenage years in the media spotlight, so when she has a few words about the media glare on the pregnant 17 year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee, it gets our attention.

But when Lohan posted a blog about the subject on her MySpace page today, we were surprised that it was less about Bristol Palin and more about politics in general, teen pregnancy and keeping a family’s private life out of the public spotlight, which is another thing Lindsay knows a little about.bristol.jpg

Update — Lohan vs. Lohan, a thaw?



Lindsay Lohan’s paternal grandfather has died, which appears to have brought the actress and her father closer together after a public spat, according to reports on a few celebrity web sites on Friday.

Michael Lohan, the actress’ father, told the cable network E!that his father, Richard Lohan, died of cancer on Thursday.

Miley Cyrus in Hollywood’s pressure cooker


The heat has been cranking up for months around 15-year-old singer and actormiley1.jpg Miley Cyrus, and it rose even higher this week as the star fended off a much-publicized advertising offer from a condom maker and confessed to feeling overworked on her hit Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana.”

From the media firestorm around Miley come conflicting reports about her life and career, and one wonders if the young woman is more pawn than princess in a red hot Hollywood chess game. It all brings to mind the recent, personal meltdowns of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, who also broke through to fame as teenagers.  
Dr. Kimberly Williams, a pediatric neuropsychiatrist at New York University’s Child Study Center, said the national media spotlight can be too much for young stars like Cyrus. “This is just a typical teenager who just has peer pressure, social issues at school to worry about, and so now we add the weight of the nation and that kind of scrutiny,” Williams said.
miley3.jpgEven though Cyrus wears a purity ring signifying her chastity until marriage, media reports this week said she received a $1 million offer from LifeStyles condoms to appear in an advertising campaign for the company. 
Cyrus’ representative told E! News the star had not even received an offer and that she would not even consider it. A spokeswoman for Lifestyles declined to comment.
Separately, Cyrus told E! News in an interview that she think her Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana” may be nearing its end. Cyrus portrays Hannah, who at school is just an average teenager but has another, secret life as a pop singing sensation.

Lindsay Lohan film so bad, it should be seen — Starz


lilo.jpgIn a relatively novel approach to movie marketing, cable TV premium film channel Starz has launched a promotion for its airing of Lindsay Lohan’s box office bomb, “I Know Who Killed Me,” by urging people to tune in not because it is good, but because the movie is so bad!

“We’re an equal opportunity channel,” said a Starz spokesman. “We will offer the best in movies, as well as the worst.” He noted the channel also has on its schedule “No Country For Old Men,” winner of the best film Oscar for 2007.

Lesbian buzz over Lindsay Lohan


lindsay.jpgFor a week, celebrity and gossip magazines have been buzzing with talk that Lindsay Lohan’s “friendship” with DJ Samantha Ronson is more than just friendship. They are having an affair, according to the gossip mill. The current talk was fueled mostly by a picture published last week of the two kissing while attending a Cannes film festival party.

Pictures of Lohan sporting an engagement ring last week in Cannes set off speculation the 21-year-old starlet could be heading to the wedding chapel with Ronson. But beware, it’s not the first time Lohan has stoked public interest by wearing something shiny on her wedding finger. She also did it a couple years ago, back when her constant companions were mostly of the male variety. 

The Lohan Parent Trap?



Seems Lindsay Lohan’s showbiz mom, Dina, is having some last minute second thoughts about putting her second daughter Ali, 14, into the limelight.
    Ali and Dina are starring in an upcoming E! reality show that will chronicle Dina’s efforts to put her younger daughter on the path to fame (or should that be shame?) enjoyed by big sister Lindsay.
    “It’s scary because I did it with Lindsay and got her to the level of success that she is at and with the tabloids…so with Ali now it’s scary…they are already making things up about her,” Dina Lohan told Access Hollywood  in an interview.
    Ali’s big Hollywood debut comes a year after Lindsay Lohan made headlines for all the wrong reasons — she wrecked her car, served time in jail for drunk driving and cocaine possession, and had two stints in rehab.
    Lindsay, who shot to fame at age 11, was also attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings before the age of 21 — the legal age for drinking in the United States.
    You have to wonder why Dina didn’t think twice before signing that reality show contract.