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Joe Jackson says he knew of Michael’s fourth child


joe-jackson1Last week, when the British tabloids ran a story saying Michael Jackson had a fourth child — a rumor that had been passed around years ago — it was hard to believe and even harder to verify. But Thursday it seemed too hard to pass up when the King of Pop’s own dad, Joe Jackson, said in an interview he knew Michael had a fourth child.

There are only three children named in Jackson’s will, Prince Michael Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II.  But in the days after Michael’s death on June 25, the speculation about a fourth again resurfaced.

London’s The Sun named the child as Omer Bhatti, who was raised by parents now living in Norway, but who spent time during his youth with Jackson at Neverland Ranch. The Sun showed photographs of Bhatti sitting with the Jackson family at the singer’s public memorial earlier this month. On Thursday, website NewsOne published an interview with Joe Jackson and in it, the interviewer asks Joe Jackson if Michael had another child, “Omer is his name … Did u know about Michael’s other son?” the reporter asks.

“I knew he had another son. Yes I did,” Joe Jackson said.

When the interviewer followed with “he looks like a Jackson,” Joe answered: “He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson…” You can watch the video on YouTube here or go to the NewsOne site and watch it by clicking here.