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from Environment Forum:

Brad Pitt, Matt Damon give krill a star turn

There are no small parts, only small actors, or so the old show-biz saying goes. Now there are big stars -- Matt Damon and Brad Pitt -- playing two of the smallest parts ever. In a far cry from "Ocean's Eleven" (and 12 and 13) they're lending their voices to a pair of krill, small shrimp-like creatures that form the base of the Antarctic food web.

Pitt and Damon play Will and Bill, the krill, in "Happy Feet Two," the sequel to the 2006 dancing-penguins animated feature. Both films have conservation themes. The latest movie  opens  in mid-November.

These Hollywood names might help shine a spotlight on krill at a time when the species is under pressure, according to the Pew Environment Group. An international meeting under way now in Hobart, Tasmania, is expected to consider more protection for these tiny animals, which penguins, seals and whales depend on to survive.

Increasing demand for krill as feed for industrially farmed fish and for nutritional supplements has pushed the krill fishery beyond a sustainable level, the conservation group said in a statement. Krill fishing in some areas could outpace efforts to protect the well-known animals that rely on it.

War films, what are they good for? — not box office


Damon1Iraq war films. They may be good for Academy Awards, but not for Hollywood’s b ox office receipts — not yet, anyway.

Ever since “In the Valley of Elah” hit movie theaters in 2007, we in the media have been writing stories looking at whether and when audiences might turn out in big numbers for films that in some way cover the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Clint Eastwood’s “Invictus” named top movie for “grown-ups”


Clint Eastwood’s movie “Invictus”, featuring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela, might not have bagged any of the top USA/honors so far this awards season but it has come  top  of one annual list — “Best Movie for Grownups,” according to AARP The Magazine catering for the 50+ audience.

The ninth annual list ranking films for the 50+ audience — and ranking actors and actresses aged over 50 — also awarded Robert de Niro a Lifetime Achievement Award that will be presented at a Los Angeles Awards Gala on Feb. 16.

“The Informant!” Matt Damon feels fine looking fat


damonMuch has been made of superstar Matt Damon adding 30 lbs of heft to take on his new role in Steven Soderbergh directed movie “The Informant!”. The movie hits U.S. theaters on Sept. 17, but it premiered at the Venice film festival earlier this week. You can read about it here.

“The Informant!,” whose backers hope to win an award for Damon playing a corporate whistle-blower in a U.S. agri-business, also debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. On Friday in Toronto, Damon was talking to the media about his role.