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Lady Gaga’s meat dress in hindsight

The biggest cheer at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards came when DJ Deadmau5 played Led Zeppelin during a commercial break.

Lady Gaga holds her video of the year award for 'Bad Romance' as she wears a dress made of meat next to presenter Cher at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California September 12, 2010.           REUTERS/Mike Blake Oh yeah, the Meat Dress

The only thing going through my head when Cher announced Lady Gaga had won Video of the year was… where is the boom camera?

The shooting position was extremely far away inside the theater (I had to shoot with a 600mm on a Canon MK4 which is X 1.3 chip ASA1250@ 200th sec… even then the stage was still head to toe vertical). The boom camera had been taking me out all night long and I was constantly moving my position trying to second guess where it would go. Obviously, the picture was going to be her in her dress with Cher in her dress. The infamous Meat Dress… I had no idea it was a meat dress until I made my way out of the theater and across the street to where colleagues Sam Mircovich and Fred Prouser were editing the images from the show. Sam said, “Nice meat dress stuff” I answered, "What?" I had no idea! She was changing her dress after every commercial break and looking at her through long glass in low light I though it was some type of “Flintstones” outfit.

Lady Gaga, wearing a meat dress, poses backstage at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (L and R) and Mike Blake (C)

Our edit area was close to the photo room so after I got my gear together I went over to add an extra angle to fellow photographer Mario who was in the room after having done red carpet arrivals. I took a side angle as Mario was head on. Lady Gaga came into the room and the usual yelling and flashes were going off. She hit all her marks on the stage… walk, stop, pose and then she blew a kiss and walked off with all the photographers booing her because she would not pose with any of her moon man awards. Even with the knowledge that she was wearing a meat dress as I photographed her in the photo room, I have to say it was not dripping, nor was it smelly or sticking to her skin. It was however coming apart at the rear…. so of course I made a frame of that.