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Miley Cyrus — too sexy for her shirt?


“Who Owns My Heart”  ponders Miley Cyrus in her new single.miley in black

Certainly not Disney, judging by the latest writhe and grind music video from the teen who found fame, and millions of tween girl fans,  as “Hannah Montana”.

Cyrus has spent most of the past year trying to distance herself from her Hannah Montana alter-ego, even though the TV series is still running on the Disney Channel.

But  with still a month to go before she turns 18 in November, the raunchy video for “Who Owns My Heart” has sparked another round of raised eyebrows and hand-wringing about her sexed-up new image.

“Who Owns My Heart” finds Cyrus lying on a bed in a seedy room, making come-to-bed eyes at the camera, trying on skimpy outfits for a party, flashing a leg in a limo and grinding with party-goers (male and female) on the dance floor. It follows the release in June of the raunchy “I Can’t Be Tamed” pop video from her new album which Cyrus said at the time was all about girls empowering themselves.

Billy Ray Cyrus sports shades, bandana in new rock band; Miley mortified?


It’s every daughter’s nightmare. Dad’s fast approaching 50 and decides he needs to recapture his youth.

In this case, former country star Billy Ray Cyrus, better known these days as the father of Miley Cyrus, is taking a page from his daughter’s playbook and hardening his musical style. The mulleted singer of the inescapable 1992 anthem “Achy Breaky Heart” has formed a rock band called Brother Clyde, whose lineup includes former members of Hole and Snot. Its self-titled debut comes out on Tuesday through Disney, which also handles his daughter. 
BCJAWO0058-CR“I always loved rock ‘n’ roll,” said Cyrus, 48, pictured at left in center with bandana. “That was a heavy part of what I was as a young juvenile delinquent. I tried from my first album to rock like any other Southern rock band.” 
That album, 1992′s “Some Gave All,” spent a record 17 consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the U.S. pop chart. The single “Achy Breaky Heart” turned Cyrus into a country hunk, an image he rightfully treasures.

Miley Cyrus’ CD sales slide as she ditches her wholesome image


Miley Cyrus’ young fans are rebelling against her rebellion.

As the Disney starlet approaches her 18th birthday in  November, she is not unwisely downplaying her wholesome image in favor of an edgier facade. The transition shouldn’t have been too hard given all the scantily clad photos that have surfaced in the past few years, not to mention a recently released videoclip that showed 16-year-old Cyrus giving a lap dance to a 44-year-old Hollywood director. miley in black

But her evolution into young adulthood is not getting any easier, if first-week sales of her defiantly titled new album, “Can’t Be Tamed” are anything to go by. The album, preceded by a sexy video, sold just 102,000 copies in the United States last week, landing at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 sales chart released Wednesday.

A kiss — just a kiss? Or a scandal?


Back in the 1940s and the “Casablanca” era,  a kiss was famously “just a kiss”

bullock kiss

Not any more.

It’s been seven years since Britney Spears and Madonna notoriously  locked lips in a live MTV Music Video Awards show. But women kissing women (or just pretending to) is still making front page news, whether it’s Miley Cyrus on a “Britain’s Got Talent” performance last week, or Sandra Bullock at the MTV Movie Awards show this weekend.

Goodbye smiley Miley….


mileyhannah She’s been talking for months about carving out an edgier image after years of  the pink and sparkly world she  inhabited as  “Hannah Montana”, but even so the new Miley Cyrus music video must have come came as a bit of a shock — at least to her millions of Disney Channel fans around the world.

E!Online has an exclusive first look at the music video here

With its black leather figure hugging bodices, sexy dance moves,  and in your face lyrics, “Can’t Be Tamed”  sees Cyrus going down the road trod by Britney Spears after her first couple of albums, and more recently by glam sensation Lady GaGa.lady gaga

Sex and the City 2: the trailer — Penelope, Miley and gasp, Aiden?


Set to the ubiquitous Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ tribute to a dazzling New York, the “Sex and the City 2” promotional trailer was released Friday, and fans were left salivating at the prospect that the ladies, who always loved cosmos, are rapidly turning into ladies who love many other things. That is, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) are returning with more babies, and another exotic trip, this time to the Middle East.

But the biggest surprise in the long trailer (which you can watch below) was the appearance of John Corbett, aka Aiden, who, coincidentally seems to be strolling through Abu Dhabi at the same time as Carrie and bumps into her tanned and in a light shirt, cooing, “This is the best mirage that I have ever had.”

Miley Cyrus teaches American Idols a thing or two


 Miley Cyrus might be just 17 but her advice to the “American Idol” contestants proved spot on in her first stint as a miley cyrusmentor on the TV show.

 It was a pity some of them either didn’t listen, or couldn’t figure out what the “Hannah Montana” Disney teen idol was talking about.

“Twilight” stars Stewart, Lautner grab Oscar spotlight


Lautner1Call it Oscar’s equivalent of hiring a really good Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon to nip a wrinkle here and tuck a chin there.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Monday said four of today’s hottest young actors and actresses — Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron — will be Stewartpresenters at this year’s ceremony for the world’s top film honors on March 7.

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus in contention for Oscars


Old-school Hollywood types would be aghast, but think of the boffo ratings if teen starlets Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus nabbed Oscar nominations next year.

taymileyThe duo are part of the way there, having co-written songs that made the shortlist for Oscar consideration. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Wednesday unveiled 63 original song contenders that will be winnowed down to a maximum of five nominees.

Miley slips from teen idol perch — but does it matter?


Miley Cyrus’s status as a teen idol has taken a knock in a poll of teens and tweens, reflecting the tough time many celebrities have making the transition from child star to a young woman. But is she really the worst celebrity influence — on tweens — of the year?miley-2

The poll of 9-15 year olds on the web site seemed to suggest that Miley’s star might be fading after a roller-coaster three-year reign as one of the most popular teens in the world.