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Stooges reloaded: Penn, Carrey and Del Toro


sean-pennLarry, Moe and Curly, better known as the Three Stooges, never won an Oscar, but in a new movie two of the actors said to be playing the classic comedy trio will have three Oscars between them. Sean Penn has two Academy Awards and Benicio Del Toro has one of the trophies.

Hollywood trade paper Variety reports that Penn will play Larry and Del Toro has been tapped to play Moe. “Yes Man” star Jim Carrey is reportedly in negotiations to play Curly, which will require some weight gain on his part.

The Farrelly brothers, Bobby and Peter, are set to direct “The Three Stooges” based on a screenplay they wrote. The movie will be a project of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the studio that signed up the real Three Stooges in 1933 to star in a series of shorts and feature films before they moved on the next year to Columbia Pictures and a long, successful run with that studio.

If Penn, Carrey and Del Toro do eventually end up on-screen as ”The Three Stooges,” it will be quite the all-star cast, but it’s only fitting since the Stooges are so well loved.  Somehow though, we don’t expect Larry to slap Moe over the head with an Oscar.