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Bruno butts in to Eminem


eminemWas it a stunt or was it planned?

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Bruno, could hardly have chosen a better lap than rapper Eminem’s to land in — face first with his bare butt up in Eminem’s face – on Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards.

Even the most inventive publicist surely could not have planned the apparently unscripted close encounter between the outrageous “Borat” star’s backside and the mug of the Detroit rapper once accused of homophobia in his lyrics. It had to be an accident. Or…??

eminem2The British actor was aiming to promote his upcoming new movie “Bruno”, in which he plays a camp Austrian fashionista, when he soared on wires across the air above the MTV audience. But the stunt seemed to go wrong and Bruno, in his angelic wings and silver jock strap fell from the ceiling, twisting and turning until his butt landed smack in Eminem’s face.

Curse words flew and elbows were thrown and Bruno got tossed, then Slim Shady sauntered out. Who could blame him? He was filmed by MTV crews leaving the building, and the TV network said he “stormed out in a heated rage.”

“New Moon” clip coming to MTV Movie Awards



 As if the appearance of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wasn’t enough, “Twilight” fans just got another reason to watch the MTV Movie Awards at the end of the month.

   Pattinson, Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be on hand to present the first clip from the vampire series’  highly-anticipated sequel “New Moon” on the awards show broadcast live on MTV on May 31.

Rainn Wilson naked. A sex symbol? Sort of.


wilson.jpgWhat’s with Rainn Wilson of “The Office” showing his naked body all over the place these days? It’s not like Wilson, 42, is Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey or some other male sex symbol. Or is he?

He thinks he is — sort of.

One day after baring his not-so-buff bod at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles (that’s him and his teddy in the picture at right), Wilson talked to reporters about his new movie, “The Rocker,” which is slated for an August release. Wilson portrays a former drummer for a 1980s metal band who lands a gig playing for a teenage garage band. And in one scene of his band’s rehearsal, Wilson shows off his naked butt.