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Goodbye Speidi. Or just another Heidi and Spencer game?


Speidi is no more.



Heidi Montag, the plastic surgery enhanced star of MTV’s “The Hills”,  has filed papers for a legal separation from her husband of 14 months, Spencer Pratt.

Montag conveniently managed to get herself photographed leaving a Santa Monica court house on Tuesday clutching a bundle of papers which quickly made their way to the website.  Montag, 23,  cited irreconcilable differences for the split and, we’re told,  “filed the legal docs in her own handwriting”.

Montag first moved out the home she shared with the scheming Pratt a couple of weeks ago saying she “needed some alone time.” But with no divorce or other papers to back up her claims, friends and much of the media weren’t buying the split and saw it more as a publicity stunt. Moreover, she moved in with her “Hills” friend Jennifer Bunney, with whom she just happens to be  filming a new reality show about… relationships.audrina

Despite some of the more outrageous claims about Pratt’s behavior from the Heidi camp (controlling, isolated her from friends etc.), Montag pointedly filed for separation rather than divorce. And separations can be undone.

A kiss — just a kiss? Or a scandal?


Back in the 1940s and the “Casablanca” era,  a kiss was famously “just a kiss”

bullock kiss

Not any more.

It’s been seven years since Britney Spears and Madonna notoriously  locked lips in a live MTV Music Video Awards show. But women kissing women (or just pretending to) is still making front page news, whether it’s Miley Cyrus on a “Britain’s Got Talent” performance last week, or Sandra Bullock at the MTV Movie Awards show this weekend.

Audrina Patridge talks about new slasher film “Sorority Row”


Audrina PatridgeHollywood starlet and tabloid favorite Audrina Patridge takes to the big screen in horror movie “Sorority Row,” which opens September 11.

She plays a sorority girl who ends up being the victim of a prank gone wrong — which later sparks a killing spree at the sorority.

Will Russell Brand’s British invasion finally hit America?


British comedian Russell Brand has been talking about invading America for some time. In truth, he’srussell-brand no stranger to American shores, having last year hosted the MTV Video Music Awards and starred in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” But he has never become as big in the United States as he is in Britain. On Tuesday, MTV announced that Brand would host the cable channel’s awards show again this year, giving the shaggy haired comedian another opportunity to break through with American audiences.

As the New York Times said in a book review this year on Brand’s memoir, the 34-year-old comic is an acquired taste.

Music awards shows falling by the wayside


The indignity just keeps piling up for pop stars these days. Fans are either pirating their records, or just not bothering to listen to music anymore. The labels are cutting back wherever they can. And now there are fewer opportunities for pats on the back and shiny statuettes. 

janesSeveral key shows have quietly fallen by the wayside in recent years, including the Billboard Music Awards (last held in 2006) and the Soul Train Music Awards (last held in 2007). 

MTV resuscitates the video star


The old refrain was that “video killed the radio star,” but more recently it’s been commonly said that the “Internet killed the video star” by putting music clips a mouse click away on Web sites such as

In the new media landscape, cable channel MTV, a unit of Viacom, has filled its schedule with reality television shows instead of the music videos it aired nonstop in the 1980s, when it revolutionized the music industry. On Monday, the company announced that it would go back to airing music videos, but only between 3 and 9 a.m., when few viewers are tuned in.

Lauren Conrad ready to walk away from “The Hills”?


Has Lauren Conrad had enough of life as a reality TV star?


“It’s coming to a point where I love this show so much, but I’m ready to kind of walk away…I’ve been doing it for five years now. Five years on TV is a really, really long time,”  Conrad, 22,  said of life on MTV’s “The Hills” and its predecessor “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”.

Asked by Extra about the media attention on her relationships, Conrad said; “It makes it more difficult. It’s more difficult when not only everyone knows about your problems, but they make them worse because things escalate and things get twisted…. It’s hard to have an actual friendship be torn apart in the media.”

Britney Spears to skip performance on MTV’s VMAs


britney.jpgIt appears the emotional scars from Britney Spears’ much maligned performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards last year haven’t healed quite yet. After weeks of ”will she or won’t she” speculation about whether Spears will perform again this year, her manager told Ryan Seacrest on Monday that she will not.

“Britney Spears will not be performing at the VMAs this year.  I’m telling you officially and unequivocally,” said manager Larry Rudolf on Seacrest’s KISS-FM morning radio show in Los Angeles.

Tila Tequila falls out of “Love”


tequila.jpgIs there trouble in paradise at Tila Tequila’s house on MTV? 

The provocative 26-year-old reality television star told celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly she wants out of a third season of “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.”

“MTV asked me to do another season, but I don’t want to do that right now,” Tequila said in an interview posted on the magazine’s website on Wednesday.
Tequila said she wants to move on from the popular show to pursue other interests.