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Forget “Blonde on Blonde,” Dylan now rocks a blond wig for Santa


dylanlangeBack in the 1960s, when Bob Dylan came out with albums with such elusive titles as “Blonde on Blonde,” fans dissected his lyrics for every shred of meaning they could find. What does it mean?

Surely some of his hardcore fans will be applying the same microscope to his music video for “Must Be Santa,” just released on Monday, in which the rock icon sports a blond wig as he carouses at a wild Christmas party. Why blond? Why switch from a white hat early in the video to a black hat later on. What does it mean? Who knows.

It’s probably better to just enjoy the video for the wild, bohemian party it looks like, and leave the image dissection to someone writing a master’s thesis. Click here for a link to the video, which shows Dylan at the center of the kind of Christmas party just about anyone would like to attend. The crowd is dancing, singing and jumping around, and there’s even a little fisticuffs for everyone’s entertainment, as a party goer runs away from another man, throws things at him and swings from a chandelier before crashing through the window. Who knew polka music could lead to such crazy happenings?

Of course on the mysterious blond angle, Dylan has gone blond before, as the Reuters photo to the left shows, when Dylan appeared at the Sundance film festival in 2003 and his normally brown hair looked about the same shade of blond as that of actress Jessica Lange.