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The conservative politics of “Forrest Gump”


Conservative magazine National Review Online has come out with a list of the best 25 movies with conservative themes. Hollywood has long been a target for the right wing, which accuses it of producing films with a liberal bent, and the magazine took up that line of argument in its opening sentence.tom-hanks

“Once in a blue moon, Hollywood releases a conservative movie, or at least a film that resonates with conservatives in a particular way,” the article said.

But given the many blockbuster movies on the magazine’s list, it appears that the themes in National Review’s top 25 could appeal to movie goers of all political persuasions.

Topping the list is 2007 German film “The Lives of Others,” which chronicles the harsh realities of life in Communist East Germany during the 1980s, when secret monitoring poisoned the relationships between the country’s citizens.