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August 29th = Jackson Squared


jackson-squared1August 29 is a notable day in U.S. history — it’s the birthday of the late pop icon Michael Jackson (in 1958) and the day that Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, flooding 80 percent of the city and killing 1,500 people (in 1995).

A group of musicians who think the King of Pop has stolen the Crescent City’s thunder are seeking to combine the two through an art campaign called “Jackson Squared.”

The New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund group has commissioned pop artist L. Steve Williams Jr. to paint “Jackson Squared,” which shows Jackson, with his signature white glove and epaulettes, astride the statue of Andrew Jackson in the city’s Jackson Square. In the background, a red hurricane warning flag flaps in the breeze.

“He’s probably going to get more press on his birthday than one of the worst disasters in U.S. history,” said musician Jeff Beninato, chairman of the group. “This is a way to forever tie the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, with the City of New Orleans, the cradle of rock and roll.”

Britney Spears offers glimpse of upcoming tour


Pop diva Britney Spears will start her Circus Tour on Tuesday in New Orleans, and in advance of that show her camp released an online video glimpse of how the tour will look.britney-spears

In many ways, the new Britney looks a lot like the old Britney. Video of rehearsals posted on MySpace show the pop star decked out in skimpy and outlandish costumes, including an imperial jacket with shaggy epaulets, a military jacket festooned with medals and a stripper-like outfit with long boots and a low-cut top. It’s a collection of looks familiar to those who have seen Spears’ past tours.