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“So You Think You Can Dance” roars into season five with first cut


Cat Deeley

The hot tamale train has rolled back into town as the search for America’s favorite dancer begins anew on the fifth season of the hugely popular “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Thursday’s elimination show was a visual feast for dance lovers with the opening number conjuring images of a hip-hop zombie apocalypse.

Paris Torres, a contemporary funk dancer, and Tony Bellissimo, a story-telling hip-hop performer, met their demise — a unanimous decision by the judges.

Paris failed to measure up in the deep talent pool of contemporary dancers while Tony took a risk by attempting to lock his way through his solo “but not very well,” judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said.

Hold your votes! “Superstars of Dance” goes global


(Writing and Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)lythgoe

American television audiences can be trusted to vote on things — especially when it comes to TV talent shows. Who is the best singer on “American Idol“? Which ballroom couple did the best Cha-cha-cha on “Dancing with the Stars? Which group has the street cred to be called “America’s Best Dance Crew“?

But the question of “trust” got a little more complicated when it came to deciding how to choose a winner among professional dancers from eight different countries competing on upcoming “Superstars of Dance” on U.S. network NBC.

Hip hop is tops on “So You Think You Can Dance”


dance5.jpgAs the judges liked to say, Thursday’s finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” was BUCK!

America loves inspiring underdogs and season No. 4 proved no exception to that rule as hip-hopper Joshua Allen beat fellow street dancer Twitch (Stephen Boss) to be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer on the final episode that brought back the very best of the show.

As fans saw in earlier episodes this summer and previous seasons, technical perfection doesn’t always outshine charm and charisma. The very polished Katee Shean — whom many expected to either win or at least be in the top two — was out before the two final male contestants.

Final four flubs on “So You Think You Can Dance”


nigel.jpgThe final competitive show on the fourth season of Fox TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance” was not the predictable love-in of year’s past. Wednesday night was the last time Courtney Galiano, Twitch (Stephen Laurel Boss), Katee Shean and Joshua Allen danced competitively and the judges left voters with a laundry list of the top four’s technical shortcomings. 

Courtney took the brunt of critiques, beginning with flashback footage of an audition in which choreographer Tyce Diorio commented on her lack of foot and leg extension. 

“So You Think You Can Dance”, a Hip-Hop Heavy Finale?


kat.jpgThe search for America’s favorite dancer on Fox TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” narrowed Thursday night to a surprisingly strong showing from the hip-hop league.

After Mark Kanemura’s elimination, Twitch (Stephen Laurel Boss) and Joshua Allen advanced to next week’s finale, marking the first time hip-hop dancers will represent the top-two male performers and half of the final four — spots reserved in previous seasons for classically-trained dancers.

“So You Think You Can Dance” narrows field to 8


dance.jpgDown to the final top 10 dancers, it was gearing up to be a tough decision-making week for fans of TV talent show “So You Think You Can Dance,” but someone — or some two — had to go.

In the end, it was Kherington Payne and Gev Manoukian who were the first to say goodbye.  Joining them in the bottom (but safe for another week) were Mark Kanemura and Comfort Fedoke, who rejoined the group after original top 10 contestant Jessica King had to bow out. (Doctors told her the pain in her side was due to broken and fractured ribs, but there were no explanations on how she got those injuries. A previous dance number?)