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Blayne survives another “Project Runway”-licious day


kelli.jpgWhat were they thinking?

Not the designers (for once) but the Project Runway judges who sent Kelli packing on Wednesday but kept tanorexic Blayne on board for another week.

Kelli, the episode 1 winner,  was certainly not at her best with her lace and jungle-inspired design for the challenge involving an outfit for Brooke Shields’ character on the TV show “Lipstick Jungle”.

Michael Kors called it “slutty, slutty, slutty” while Nina Garcia pursed her lips disapprovingly and called into question Kelli’s overall lavel of taste.

But one wondered whose taste was at issue when the judges decided to save Blayne, whose bermuda shorts outfit was deemed totally unsuitable for the challenge and who has yet to impress the judges with anything more than his passion for tanning and his ability to add “licious” to any word.                                           blayne1.jpg

Jennifer out of the medals in “Project Runway” olympics


jenniferpr.jpgIn what was probably the least-surprising offing so far this season, 27-year-old designer Jennifer was “Auf’d” from Project Runway on Wednesday night for sending a girly, old-fashioned design down the runway after she was charged with dreaming up an outfit for the U.S. Olympic team to wear at the Games’ opening ceremony.

Jennifer said the gold and white striped skirt and navy blue cardigan sweater were in keeping with her vision as a designer (her design theory is “Holly Golightly attends a Salvador Dali exhibit,” according to her bio), but the show’s judges criticized her for not being able to separate her personal fashion taste from the demands of the athletics-inspired challenge.

“Explosion of Ruffle” gets Emily “Auf”-ed from Project Runway


pr_judges.jpgA dress that was called an ”explosion of ruffle” was deemed worse than another one that looked like “toilet paper caught in a windstorm” by Project Runway’s hyper-discriminating judges this week, “Auf”-ing 27-year-old California designer Emily over rival Keith in the third episode of this season.

Emily’s offing was somewhat surprising after the judges ruthlessly panned Keith’s dress — a shapeless silhouette covered in squares of varying fabrics meant to look like fringe. Designer and “Runway” judge Michael Kors likened Keith’s dress to toilet paper more than once.

Shiny, tight and short spells “Auf” on Project Runway


losingdress.JPGThe shiny brown dress never had a chance.

Last night, 23-year-old Wesley got “Auf’d” from Project Runway after a dress made out of a satin fabric he detested got panned by the show’s judges. You had to feel a little bad for him, given that the environmentally-friendly fabric was chosen by his model and not him.

Still, the judges pulled no punches.

“Shiny, tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap,” judge Nina Garcia said of the dress.