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Oasis play down split rumours


oasisLead singer Liam Gallagher has issued a typically blunt rebuttal to rumours and speculation that Oasis, arguably Britain’s biggest band of the ’90s, had played their final gig.

The rumours began after Liam and his older brother Noel, the band’s guitarist and songwriter, announced they had fallen out and were communicating via the band’s website or on Twitter. Then, when Oasis cancelled a gig at the last minute over the weekend, the doomsayers went into overdrive.

The reason for the band’s pullout was actually Liam contracting viral laryngitis, but that did not stop the columnists rushing to fill their columns. Liam, who thrives off his bad boy, rock’n'roll image, was clearly not impressed.

“Reports in the smartarses column about Oasis last british gig ever. The kids talking out his arse.” Lax grammar aside, the message was clear, although could Gallagher really be that annoyed at all the free publicity?