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Cameron out, “13″ in? Quick. Someone call a doctor for “House”!


jennifer-morrison She broke Chase’s heart and even her manipulative boss House seemed moved — for a second, anyway — when Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) walked away from both the diagnostics team and from Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in Monday’s broadcast of the medical drama “House”.******Cameron’s presumed departure — although you never can tell with “House” — comes just a few weeks after she and on-screen husband Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) made their long-hoped-for return to the central cast of the show after being sidelined for a couple of seasons to the  bowels of the fictional hospital.******Viewers seemed to welcome more screen time for the blond duo (who were once engaged in real life) . “House” is getting a hefty 16.6 million viewers on average per episode this season — a 17 percent increase on the same time last year, according to Nielsen ratings figures.******So is this just another smart plot twist or is it really good-bye for Dr. Cameron?******Turns out that the actress is not even sure herself.  “I don’t think anyone really knows…they’re always just a couple of episodes ahead, and [executive producer]  David Shore has always been very true to the writing of the characters and what he believes them to be,” Jennifer Morrison told  reporters at a Hollywood event on Monday.13******”I’m still a series regular, technically. I really don’t know. All I know is that I don’t know. And they keep making it very clear to me that I don’t know,” Morrison added.******Meanwhile, “13″ (Olivia Wilde) and Taub are back on House’s team, as are  Chase and Foreman.******But what’s Chase without Cameron?  And can “13″ ever take Cameron’s place?  And what can the show’s producers be thinking of?

Hey Megan Fox, watch out for “Golden Girl” Betty White


betty-whiteLast week, was among a number of men’s websites that announced Tuesday would be a day without 23-year-old starlet Megan Fox. And just who did the writers and editors at Asylum think they could rely on to replace Fox? Why, Betty White of the 1980s senior citizen TV series “Golden Girls.”

The website on Tuesday featured a photo of White flashing the “devil horns” sign, heavy metal style. And it said that in the spirit of its Megan Fox ban, it “decided to try something a little different and celebrate a woman whose multi-decade career is the stuff of Hollywood legend.”