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Shocko Spocko — Just what the Universe needs. Another “Star Trek” book!


Just what the Universe needs – another “Star Trek” book!startrekbook

In the merchandising Universe that is “Star Trek”, where cash flush Trekkies can buy everything from a USS Enterprise shaped bottle opener to a Photon Torpedo replica coffin, another book about Star Trek might not show up on anybody’s scanners,  but “Star Trek The Original Series 365″ , by Paula M. Block with Terry J. Erdmann (available now from Abrams Books, NY., $29.99), is packed with  interesting data and fun facts.

Block and Erdman are no strangers to the history of Star Trek’s future having previously written a number of books dealing with Trek’s Universe.  With ” Star Trek The Original Series 365″,  they take the reader back to the big bang of all things Trek, the Original Series. The book begins with a concise introduction by Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, well known to Trek fans as a former writer and story editor on the Original Series.

Boasting 365 rare behind the scenes pictures, numerous trivia anecdotes, and general plot descriptions of every episode, Block and Erdman’s book is likely to  keep even the most discerning Vulcan raising an eyebrow or two.  startrekbook 2

Did the Trekkie in your household know that one of the sets of female twins hired to work on the episode “I, Mudd’ brought their pet bobcat to the casting session?