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It’s Art (but not entirely cinematic) at Cannes


Hundreds of movies will screen over roughly 10 days of the Cannes film festival, either as part of the cinematiccannes2 event or in the movie market that takes place here every year. It is the perfect meeting of film art and movie commerce.

But Saturday night, there was a little less art, some commerce, and a lot of giving at a fundraiser held for non-profit group The Art of Elysium, which encourages artists to give their time to kids with medical conditions. For more about them, click here.

The event, sponsored by Hollywood movie financier Relativity Media and Cartier, was picked to be one of the splashier affairs of the festival’s opening weekend and by the time dinner was over, director Quentin Tarantino showed up. Actor Giovanni Ribisi was hanging around, as were Robin Wright Penn, Ryan Phillippe, Paula Patton and Kevin Pollack, among other stars. There were movers-and-shakers of the indie film world, too, including businessman Avi Lerner.

It’s fairly rare to get into such a soiree  (unless you have big money to give, and we here on Fan Fare do not). So for a quick peak, click below: