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Paparazzi trouble? Keep your clothes on, says LA’s top cop


New laws against paparrazzi? Who needs them?  If celebrities just kept their clothes on, the problem might go away. Anyhow, Lindsay’s got a girlfriend and Britney has cleaned up her act.

No, that’s not a paps.jpgpaparazzi photo agency talking. It’s Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton explaining why he boycotted a city council meeting on Thursday to discuss what should be done to clamp down on out-of-control photographers.

Bratton says there are enough laws already on the books to deal with agressive paparrazzi and no new ones are lindsay.jpgneeded. And here’s why.

“Half of this issue — actually about 90 percent of the issue is that
celebrities should keep their clothes on,” Bratton told Los Angeles’ Fox11 television on Thursday.