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Comparing Barack Obama to Britney and Paris


Sen. Barack Obama has yet to sign a record contract orhilton.jpg party until dawn in Hollywood with a paparazzi entourage — but that’s not stopping his presidential rival, Sen. John McCain, from comparing him to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
A television ad from the McCain campaign airing for the first time on Wednesday opens with images of the two blond starlets, before cutting to shots of Obama waving to adoring crowds. With the familiar chant “O-ba-ma” as background noise, a female voice intones: “He’s the biggest celebrity in the world. But, is he ready to lead?”
The ad’s script makes no mention of Britney — a pop singer — and Paris — a celebrity heiress — other than the visual cues. Britney is shown walking in a crowd with an umbrella behind her and Paris is seen striking a regal pose, apparently for photographers.
obama.jpgBritney, 26, and Paris, 27, have legions of fans and detractors who watch their every move. But will McCain’s attempt to link Obama with Hollywood celebrity fly with voters?
Last week, McCain struggled for media attention as Obama toured the Middle East and Europe. Obama’s speech in Berlin drew a crowd of more than 200,000, while McCain had lunch at a German-American eatery in Ohio.   

 (Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)  

Paris Hilton announces battle against gossipmongers


paris-and-benji.jpgParis Hilton is annoyed! In her latest MySpace blog posting titled “Clearing Up Rumors,” the socialite-singer-actress-businesswoman says she’s sick of gossip sites printing false rumors about her, so from now on she is going to address these head on.

She wastes no time in getting started on the latest rumor. 

“Page Six reported that I have moved into (boyfriend) Benji’s neighborhood, and that Nicole (Richie who lives with Benji’s twin brother Joel Madden) is upset by this…SO NOT TRUE! First of all, I don’t even live in Glendale. Secondly, I have my own home in a gated community in Beverly Hills — that’s where I live. I haven’t been to Glendale in months. Where do they come up with this?”

Move over Paris Hilton and Nicky, Mom is in a movie


kathy-hilton.jpgHaving a behind-the-scenes celebrity mom isn’t something Paris Hilton or her sister Nicky would know much about. Their mom, Kathy, seems to relish the  spotlight as much as her girls.

Having recently launched her own perfume and starred in a Web mini-series called “A Day With the Hiltons,” the 49-year-old Kathy Hilton has now nudged her way into Hollywood movies with a cameo appearance in Ben Stiller’s new summer comedy “Tropic Thunder,” playing Tom Cruise’s wife, according to In Touch Weekly.  

Barron Hilton gets probation for drunken driving


hilton-family.jpgBarron Hilton, the 18-year-old brother of actress Paris Hilton and member of the family that founded the Hilton Hotels chain, has recieved three years probation stemming from his drunken driving arrest back in February in the posh seaside community of Malibu, California.

That’s Barron at the far left of this picture with his mom Kathy, dad Rick and Paris at far right.