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Paula Abdul has a new story on painkillers


“American Idol” judge Paula Abdul on Thursday slammed a magazine report that she suffered a dependency on painkillers, saying that her statements were taken out of context.paula-abdul2

The report posted on the Web site of Ladies’ Home Journal earlier this week described Abdul as having overcome a painkiller habit that began years ago when she was wracked with pain from various injuries. The magazine said that Abdul, to overcome her habit, checked into the La Costa Resort & Spa in California last Thanksgiving to wean herself off painkillers.

But in an interview on Thursday with Detroit radio station WKQI, Abdul disputed that.

“It was very stressful for me to hear that and to be quoted saying something I’ve never said,” Abdul told the radio station. ”I’ve never checked into a rehab clinic, I’ve never been addicted or abused drugs and I’ve never been addicted or abused alcohol. I’ve never been drunk in my life.”

It’s a boys’ club on “Idol” as finale looms


With Allison Iraheta getting the boot on Wednesday night, three white men will duke it out for the “American Idol” crown for the first time in the show’s history.


Iraheta’s offing couldn’t have come as a huge surprise to the show’s viewers, who saw her land among the show’s lowest vote-getters three previous times this season. In that sense, she was no Chris Daughtry, whose shocking fourth place finish three years ago was replayed on Wednesday night’s show before his band performed its new single, the appropriately titled “No Surprise.” 

“Idol” judges throw stones on Rock Week


In contrast to last week on “American Idol” when it seemed the contestants could do no wrong, the judges found plenty of stones to throw at the Top 4 on Rock Week. Except for Adam Lambert, who as usual thrilled the panelists.allison-iraheta

Lambert, coming off his shocking first trip to the Bottom Three last week, sang British supergroup Led Zeppelin’s hit “Whole Lotta Love” and struck all the high notes, jerking his head to the side in rhythm with the band and glowering with an expression Elvis Presley might have worn if he was fused with John Travolta. The judges loved it. 

“Idol” judge Paul Abdul details painkiller dependency


paula-abdul“American Idol” judge Paula Abdul has opened up about the effect her dependence on painkillers had on her life, after her sometimes erratic behavior on the show and in television interviews has caused many commentators to say she at times appeared to be under the influence.

In an interview with Ladies Home Journal posted on the magazine’s Web site on Tuesday, Abdul said that for the first time in a dozen years she is no longer dependent on medication, after checking into a California resort last fall to wean herself of the medication.

On “Idol,” it’s a man’s world this season


irahetaOn “American Idol,” it appears to be a man’s world after all.

It’s no secret that male contestants like Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey have trounced their female counterparts in the singing competition since early this season. And, with just one woman in the show’s Top 5, viewers on Tuesday night were left wondering if the final four contestants would all be men for the first time in “Idol” history.

It’s been a long time since two women — Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo — competed for the “Idol” title in the finale of the show’s third season in 2004. 

Who is bound for the “Idol” finale?


rounds1Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai sang their swan songs Wednesday night on “American Idol,” meaning the singing competition lost its two most uniquely named contestants in one fell swoop.

Nostalgia for “Little” and “Anoop Dogg” aside, their joint offing was hardly unexpected. Lil, a 23-year-old mother of three from Memphis, struggled to gain the judges’ respect through most of her time in the show’s Top 13. Desai, a 21-year-old from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, meanwhile, was among the show’s Bottom Three vote-getters for four straight weeks.

Adam Lambert keeps “Idol” judges entranced


lambertBefore he went on stage, the camera swooped down on “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert as he stood beaming in the crowd. But as usual, Lambert was more than just a face in the crowd on Tuesday night, as he again wowed the judges and solidified his frontrunner status.

It was Disco Week on “Idol,” and true to the theme Lambert sang the Bee Gees hit “If I Can’t Have You,” effortlessly hitting the high notes and inspiring judge Paula Abdul to gush that his performance made her feel his “pain.” Abdul was not alone. All the judges said they loved the performance, with alpha judge Simon Cowell commending Lambert for surprising him by picking a Bee Gees song.

Paula Abdul views her “Idol” role as irreplaceable


“American Idol” judge Paula Abdul is on the bubble at the show. Her contract ends after this season, and it remains unclear if she will come back next year.paula-abdul

Abdul, who is widely considered “Idol’s” least harsh judge, was asked by ABC News show “Nightline” whether Kara DioGuardi, who joined the show this season as the new fourth judge, could replace her on the show.

Time crunch muzzles “Idol” judges


USA/“American Idol” fans were robbed of one of the show’s biggest draws on Tuesday night, after the producers decreed that only two judges would evaluate each performance.

Calling the change “unfortunate,” judge Simon Cowell said just two judges would speak at a time because the show ran several minutes long last week. Many viewers with digital video recorders had complained because they missed the show’s final performance by Adam Lambert.

A night for crayons and Motown on “American Idol”


Earlier this week, “American Idol” judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson said on late night program “The Tonight Show” that they expect a male contestant to win the singing competition this year.

Well, they’re the experts and on Wednesday night it was male contestant Adam Lambert who brought the heat, eliciting a standing ovation from celebrity mentor Smokey Robinson for his version of “The Tracks of My Tears” (which, incidentally, Robinson also wrote).USA/