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Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones sell Clinton sex tales


bill.jpgGennifer Flowers and Paula Jones say they are just “two chicks chatting,” but in using the Internet to hawk stories of their relationships with former President Bill Clinton the women are dishing about old scandals with a new platform.

At, the ladies promise to talk about “the opinons on politics, sex with Bill and their perspective opinion of the presidential penis and how both feel about Hillary Clinton.” And yes, they do say “…perspective opinion…” But will anyone shell out $1.99 per tell-all segment?

The two women occupied the center of sex scandals that surrounded Clinton in the early 1990s. Flowers’ story was flowers.jpgthat she had a long relationship with Clinton, and Jones accused him of sexually harassing her in a hotel room.

Their Web offering comes at roughly the same time that U.S. magazine Vanity Fair has drawn fire for publishing an article that portrays the former president as jetting around “with a skirt-chasing, scandal-tinged posse,” Flowers and Jones may just grab some of the spotlight.