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So, you want a spot on Hollywood’s Red Carpet?


resized.jpgWatch out all you Red Carpet pros on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and other celebrity TV shows, this September there will be a new face on Tinseltown’s glamour scene. And although that amateur may not know what the heck they are doing, he or she just might be aiming for your job. Remember, it’s not hard losing a coveted slot on the Red Carpet. Just ask Joan Rivers. and YouTube are unveiling a new channel on the video Web site dedicated to celebrity content provided by To kick off the channel, and YouTube, along with cosmetics company Revlon, are launching a contest where one ”Red Carpet Reporter” will be picked to interview celebrities at a star-filled event in September.

They promise the winner “a whirlwind two days in Los Angeles” with hair and makeup by Revlon, a clothing allowance and  ”VIP entry into exclusive events,” according to a statement. And to wrap it all up, the winner has to work — on the glitzy Red Carpet, of course. Hey, it’s a tough job but somebody’s…  Ahh, you know the rest.

The initial contest kicks off on July 10 and runs through July 21. Contestants must submit a two- to four-minute video of them interviewing their family or friends. Ten finalists will be picked, and and YouTube users will vote for a winner who will be announced on Aug. 27.