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Wild child Adam Lambert sheds his family friendly “Idol” glow


adam-lambert“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert built a broad base of support during his run on the show this year. After all, “Idol” got to be the top-rated program on U.S. television by appealing to moms, dads, teens, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs and everyone in between.

So when he took the stage on Sunday night at the American Music Awards and simulated oral sex with a back-up dancer, kissed a male keybordist on the mouth and gestured to the audience with his middle finger, he was bound to lose some of that broad “Idol” audience. Lambert all but said as much when he told Rolling Stone magazine that if his performance “offends (people), then maybe I’m not for them.”

But was it right for Lambert to put on such a sexually charged performance at the AMAs on network television, shortly before 11 p.m. on the East and West Coast and before 10 p.m. Central Time, when some teens and younger viewers might still have been watching the show? Does Lambert bear a special responsibility to reign in his sexual provocation, since he presumably has many young fans from his “Idol” days?

ABC on Tuesday canceled Lambert’s scheduled appearance on its “Good Morning America” as a result of his performance at the AMAs, after it received more than 1,500 complaints about his stage antics, but the singer has other TV appearances lined up.

Heidi Montag claims her “Miss Universe” performance was live


Her “reality” TV show “The Hills” may be largely fake, but current Playboy covergirl Heidi Montag says her recent musical performance at the “Miss Universe” pageant was the real deal, denying the plethora of reports that she was lip-synching her new song “Body Language.”heidi-montag2

Getting into a limousine at Los Angeles International Airport, Montag responded with a smile when a paparazzo asked if Sunday’s performance was lip-synched. “I was as live as live can be,” Montag said.

Heidi Montag fails to win universal praise at Miss Universe


Hollywood’s resident reality TV villain Heidi Montag performed her song “Body Language” at the “Miss Universe” pageant on Sunday, as several critics reacted by saying it was bad — but could have been worse.heidi-montag

Montag, 22, gained fame for appearing on MTV reality show “The Hills,” becoming a TV celebrity before she made her mark with anything resembling what celebrities normally do to get famous, like singing or acting. On “The Hills” and on subsequent TV appearances, Montag has earned a reputation for being a personality whom TV viewers don’t really like, but can’t keep their eyes off.