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Now you see it, now you don’t: Sting’s beard


sting-with-beard.jpgNEW YORK – It seemed a strange time for a shave. After the main set and before the encore at The Police’s last ever concert, Sting sat down in a barber’s chair backstage and relaxed as two women shaved his face, first with electric razors then with a blade. The moment was filmed and beamed to a giant screen above the stage. 

Why, you might ask? Media commentators in the past week have been less than kind about his salt-and-pepper beard that was showing serious signs of grey — and age. Sting was quoted on Monday as saying “The ladies love it,” but perhaps something changed his mind.

Check him out before and after — here’s a photo taken early in the show on Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, and then click on this link to see the official video of the encore — after the beard was shaved.

You can read the Reuters report on the band’s last concert together here.