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Netflix courts heartbreak with end of “Profiles”


reed.jpgHeartbreak is looming for the miniscule percentage of Netflix users who use the site’s “Profiles” feature that allows them to share a single account with another user of, shall we say, differing cinematic tastes.

A reported 1-2 percent of Netflix’s 8.2 million subscribers use the feature to maintain separate queues, or lists of movies, on the same account to avoid arguing over what movie to watch next. This is especially important in the case of married couples whose movie tastes differ vastly from “Terminator” for one to “A Passage to India” for the other.

The company said it will discontinue the feature in September to “allocate engineering resources” to growing its subscriber base and “Watch Now” content streaming feature. (And by the way, if you are one of those 1-2 percent you can “allocate” an e-mail to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. That’s him up above, holding the DVDs).

Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said the company “understands” the disappointment of the subscribers who learned how to use the feature and considered it crucial in maintaining family home entertainment harmony — but they are still out of luck.