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Kenley pulls it off for all-girl Project Runway finale


Eight weeks away seems to have done Kenley some good. 

kenley-fish.jpgShe appears to  have lost much of the attitude that has won her few fans in and outside the Project Runway work room,  and boy! — that feathered wedding dress was darn cute, very Kenley, and gave her an ultimately well-deserved ticket to Bryant Park.

It’s aways fun to see the designers back in their homes and with their families as they design their collection for the finale. Jerell’s story was moving, Korto’s Liberian heritage fascinating, and a nervous Tim Gunn on that tandem bike with Leanne — priceless.jerell1.jpg

But no friends or family for Kenley?

Jerell’s sad “Auf” ing at the last hurdle left an all-female lineup for the finale for the first time in five seasons of the show.

Are the ladies up to the challenge? 

Kenley hangs on in “Project Runway”; reunion fireworks ahead?


Pass the Kleenex please!

After a fairly lackluster season, Project Runway is turning into a real drama both on and off the runway as the Bryant Park finale looms. kenley-fish.jpg

Tears, fights, group hugs, bitterness and backstabbing  — and Kenley is STILL hanging in there despite (or possibly because of)  her constant eye-rolls and stubborn refusal to take constructive criticism that  has stunned the  divas of the  design world she aspires to join.

The Emmys: Hosts, hosts everywhere


klumpants.jpgFor the 60th Emmy Awards , the show’s organizers made a bold decision to scrap the one-host format typical of awards shows.

Instead, they opted for not one, but five hosts — the five being Ryan Seacrest of “American Idol,” Heidi Klum of “Project Runway,” Tom Bergeron of “Dancing with the Stars,” Howie Mandel of “Deal or No Deal,” and Jeff Probst of “Survivor.” All were nominated for the newly-created category award for the best host of a reality or competition series.

Emmys Red Carpet: Who was best dressed?


heidiklum.jpgtinafey.jpgBraving blistering afternoon heat and more than a little sweat, the world’s top television stars rolled onto the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in downtown Los Angeles in all their finery.

Once the arrivals wrapped up and the show got started, it was left to us onlookers to decide who looked great and who, well, didn’t.

Stella makes gracious exit from Project Runway


runway-stella.JPG Judge Fern Mallis had it right. “Stella was not stellar” in the Diane von Furstenberg “Project Runway” challenge.

But the leather lovin’ rock star designer made the most gracious exit after being “Auf’d” from the show after yet another poorly sewn outfit.

Is ‘Project Runway’ in need of own fashion makeover?


keith.jpg Keith’s desperate attempt to change his “collage” style to please the “Project Runway” judges succeeded only in winning him a tearful exit and a trip back to Utah after another wacky challenge using recycled car parts.

But despite the tears, the whining and the drama, Season Five of the popular fashion design contest is showing signs that the show is losing its cutting edge.

Hidden candy a treat on Project Runway


nup_131342_1342.jpg So it was Project Runway’s only straight guy, Joe, who ironically pulled it off in the delicious drag queen challenge by ingeniously “hiding the candy” with his strategic buckle belt wrapped around a skin-tight pink sparkly catsuit.

It has to be said that Joe owed a lot to his model, Varla Jean, who steered him away from his orginal space suit concept and towards the Ann Margret style sailor suit look. And that cheeky little sailor hat really topped it off.nup_131342_0283.jpg

Blayne survives another “Project Runway”-licious day


kelli.jpgWhat were they thinking?

Not the designers (for once) but the Project Runway judges who sent Kelli packing on Wednesday but kept tanorexic Blayne on board for another week.

Kelli, the episode 1 winner,  was certainly not at her best with her lace and jungle-inspired design for the challenge involving an outfit for Brooke Shields’ character on the TV show “Lipstick Jungle”.

Jennifer out of the medals in “Project Runway” olympics


jenniferpr.jpgIn what was probably the least-surprising offing so far this season, 27-year-old designer Jennifer was “Auf’d” from Project Runway on Wednesday night for sending a girly, old-fashioned design down the runway after she was charged with dreaming up an outfit for the U.S. Olympic team to wear at the Games’ opening ceremony.

Jennifer said the gold and white striped skirt and navy blue cardigan sweater were in keeping with her vision as a designer (her design theory is “Holly Golightly attends a Salvador Dali exhibit,” according to her bio), but the show’s judges criticized her for not being able to separate her personal fashion taste from the demands of the athletics-inspired challenge.

“Explosion of Ruffle” gets Emily “Auf”-ed from Project Runway


pr_judges.jpgA dress that was called an ”explosion of ruffle” was deemed worse than another one that looked like “toilet paper caught in a windstorm” by Project Runway’s hyper-discriminating judges this week, “Auf”-ing 27-year-old California designer Emily over rival Keith in the third episode of this season.

Emily’s offing was somewhat surprising after the judges ruthlessly panned Keith’s dress — a shapeless silhouette covered in squares of varying fabrics meant to look like fringe. Designer and “Runway” judge Michael Kors likened Keith’s dress to toilet paper more than once.