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Rihanna, Chris Brown set dueling TV interviews


rihannaIn what is shaping up as dueling interviews from former lovers whose affair went very wrong, Chris Brown this Friday will give an interview to MTV News talking about his attack on former girlfriend Rihanna. One day earlier, Rihanna will talk to ABC’s Diane Sawyer about the assault that left her bruised and bloody on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February.In excerpts from Brown’s interview released Wednesday by MTV News, Brown said he is “confused right now as far as the public perception of me…I got the people that come out and support me and I got the people who don’t want to see me do anything. They want to see me, kind of, basically, in jail.”Brown’s excerpts follow by one day the release of an interview Rihanna gave to Glamour magazine in which she talked publicly about the incident for the first time. She told Glamour she wanted to alert young women to the “big secret” of abusive relationships. “Teenage girls can’t tell their parents that their boyfriend beats them up…It’s one of the things we (women) hide because it’s embarrassing,” Rihanna said. You can read a story about it here.Brown, 20, already had been interviewed before by Larry King (read aboutbrown1 that here), but the chat with MTV News promises to be even more revealing. It airs on Friday, Nov. 6, at 6 p.m. ET/PT. Rihanna, 21, will talk to Sawyer on ABC’s morning chat show “Good Morning America” on Thursday and Friday.The interviews, not coincidentally, reach fans as both singers promote the release of new albums. They had to talk about the assault at some time — Rihanna to share her side of the assault and Brown to try to redeem himself in the public eye — and promotion seems as good a reason as any for the singers. Brown has already apologized, pleaded guilty to assault and been sentenced to five years probation and community service.Rihanna, whose hit singles include “Umbrella” and “Disturbia,” sees her new CD “Rated R” hit record stores on Nov. 23, and Brown’s record label said on Wednesday that the release of his “Grafitti” has been pushed forward by one week to Dec. 8. He also begins a “Fan Appreciation Tour” on Nov. 14.