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Celebrity Big Brother – will you miss it?


VinnieCelebrity Big Brother is back in Britain for the last time, and the now familiar lineup of obscure and very obscure “stars” is back in the house for more tears, tantrums, bust ups and challenges. While many will not miss it when it goes — Big Brother has fallen victim to falling viewer ratings –  the tabloids must be wondering how they will fill their pages come the end. The Daily Mirror this morning was relatively subdued with front page coverage and a two-page spread inside. The Sun dedicated no less than four pages to the programme, which launched on Sunday night.

The most famous housemate? Depending on who you listen to, it is either Vinnie Jones, ex-soccer hard man and now movie hard man, or Stephen Baldwin, brother of the better-known actor Alec, or Ekaterina Ivanova, the former girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. And you can almost hear the Big Brother producers praying for some fireworks between cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid and Dane Bowers, who have at least one thing in common — they both dated celebrity model Katie Price.

It’s X Factor “Deadlock” … again


cowell2Another week, another contestant down, another ratings triumph for ITV … oh, and another Deadlock.

The weekend’s X Factor shenanigans did not come close to the previous vote’s controversy, but there were still plenty of harsh words for the four-member judging panel for once again taking the final decision on who gets the boot to a Deadlock. When the judges are split 2-2, the result is decided by which of the two nominated acts got the fewest public votes.

“Balloon Boy” and the drive for reality TV fame


Now that authorities say last week’s balloon boy incident was just a hoax, the public is getting re-acquainted with the underside of reality television. Richard and Mayumi Heene, parents of the 6 year-old bothe-heenesy thought to be trapped in a balloon before he was found in an attic, are expected to be charged this week with making up the whole scenario.

If what authorities are saying about the Heenes is true, they may have been hungering for fame, and saw the hoax as a great way to get a reality TV show. As everyone knows by know, the Heenes already starred in a past episode of the reality show “Wife Swap.”