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Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange attempted suicide-report


His on-air blowups on the “Howard Stern Show” and confessions to drug abuse have given listeners plenty of insight into comedian Artie Lange.Artie_Lange But the latest news about Stern’s sidekick is even more grim than what has been revealed about his life in previous reports.

The New York Post said on Thursday that Lange stabbed himself  nine times over the weekend in a suicide attempt, and that was the reason why he was hospitalized, as had been previously reported. On his show on Thursday, Stern reacted angrily to the revelations in the Post article, and said “this is a family matter” and that Lange is “wrestling with some serious stuff.” A spokeswoman for Lange could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

Last year, a Rolling Stone profile on Lange put on full display his addiction to heroin. At the time, the Rolling Stone writer Vanessa Grigoriadis said that Lange was using drugs on the road, alone in his hotel room, which she called “very scary” and “a stage of drug use that’s linked to depression.”

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U2′s fans not “groovy” enough?


As U2 enters the third week of its North American tour, smashing sales records along the way, the big elephant in the room is the disappointing sales of the band’s new album. “No Line on the Horizon” has sold about a million copies in the United States since its release in February, according to Nielsen SoundScan, becoming one of U2′s least-commercial efforts.

u2mullen“I walk out and sing (album track) ‘Breathe’ every night to a lot of people who don’t know it,” frontman Bono says in a Rolling Stone magazine cover story. (We have pictured drummer Larry Mullen at left, playing in Chicago on Sept. 24, since he and bassist Adam Clayton were omitted from the cover.)